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autoVHC Joins CDK International Partner Programme

autoVHC Joins CDK International Partner Programme

24th August 2020


autoVHC, a leading provider of automotive solutions aftersales technology, has today announced that it has joined the CDK International Partner Programme, the largest third-party marketplace of automotive applications and integrations. Through integrating with CDK Global’s Dealer Management Systems (DMS), autoVHC customers will be able to get the best out of both systems and create a seamless automotive consumer journey.


The CDK Partner Programme offers potential automotive tech partners access to CDK’s Autoline DMS by using standardised integration points. Partners can improve the functionality of their products, scale up their businesses, share and manage data seamlessly and use the Partner Programme to potentially enter into new geographical markets.


The integration of the autoVHC platforms into Autoline allows data insights and intelligence to be shared automatically, increasing efficiency, and reducing the need to manually input the data in two separate systems. This creates a seamless process that taps into the in-built capabilities of the DMS, such as the ability to price up jobs, transfer a job to a job card once authorisation has been obtained, and check part availability. CDK’s and autoVHC platforms can effectively operate as one fully integrated system, rather than two stand-alone products, which fills in gaps and connects a dealership’s suppliers and systems to create a streamlined automotive consumer journey.


autoVHC is a complete electronic vehicle health check system that helps service workshops improve efficiency and profitability. autoVHC establishes an easy-to-control workflow for a vehicle check to deliver additional workshop sales. The user-friendly reporting functionality allows dealer management to monitor performance in real time and reduce missed opportunities. autoVHC is endorsed by some of the world’s largest motor manufacturers as a proven way to boost workshop sales.


Paul Muers, Business Unit Director at autoVHC said: “We are thrilled to join other technology providers that deliver innovative dealer solutions, fully integrated with CDK’s DMS, as part of the CDK International Partner Programme. This partnership will allow us to provide a more efficient and streamlined process for our customers, as well as contribute to the long-term goal of building a connected future for automotive retail.”


Dilwar Hussain, Business Development Manager at CDK Global said: “We have been working closely with autoVHC and our mutual customer at Greenhous to pilot the integration into Autoline. We’ve seen that the two systems complement workshop processes and will enable technicians to be more efficient on each job and provide a much better experience to their customers.”


Geoff Lowe, Aftersales Manager, at Greenhous Vauxhall, a dealership based in Telford, Shropshire, has been piloting the new integrated solution: “Although we’ve only recently adopted the integrated autoVHC and CDK solution, we have already seen a marked increase in our business operation efficiency. This in turn will help improve the overall automotive experience, both for our system users and for our customers.”