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Covid 19 – Update from Snap-on Business Solutions

We wanted to update you on how Snap-on is responding to the challenge that is being presented to many global industries at this time. It’s important that key workers, food supply logistics, community support workers, medical providers and other critical providers can maintain continuity in their daily professions. This is why it’s vital that Snap-on supports you so you can support these important customers by keeping them mobile and their equipment operational. Snap-on is deemed to be a critical supplier to the maintenance, diagnostic and repair segments as we continue to provide equipment and services that preserve mobility and transportation. This is why we are open as usual to help you. If you require additional support then please contact us directly on our customer service helplines.

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Introducing autoVHC version 3.0

At Snap-On we understand that technology should be a help in the workshop and not a hinderance. This is why we are constantly improving our platform to make it more user friendly for technicians, service advisors and managers.  

We are delighted to be able to release version 3.0 with some notable process improvements to improve efficiency and benefit everyone interacting with the platform at all levels of your dealership. 


For technicians: 

How can your dealership make the most of aftersales opportunities with the predicted surge in MOTs post lockdown?

1st October 2020


In response to lockdown on the 30th March, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced a six month MOT extension after dealers and garages had to temporarily close. Now, six months later, this has created a surge in demand for MOTs, effectively doubling the number of vehicles that will require MOTs. Figures predict a total of 11.28 million vehicles will need an MOT over the next 3 months, with 200 extra tests expected in the busiest hotspots.


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