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Case Study: Driving customer engagement and service profitability at Crown Honda

17 October, 2019


Crown Honda is an independent dealership group, with two sites in Hendon and Bushey Heath.


The group was founded in 1960 and has held the Honda franchise since 1974. In 2004, current owners Lee Monahan and Tim Dibbs completed a management buy-out following the retirement of the previous owner Colin Collins.

Winter is coming: how to run a ‘seasonal dealership’

1st December 2018


By Paul Muers


The nights are getting longer, the temperature is dropping – yes, winter is coming.


For drivers, this means a very different set of challenges to those experienced in the summer months. Clearly, the physical conditions on the roads themselves are different to the summer; wet and slippery road surfaces, fallen leaves, snow and ice can all make driving hazardous and increase the risk of accidents.


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