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First Virtual Instructor Led Training in Thailand a Great Success

First Virtual Instructor Led Training in Thailand a Great Success

14th August 2020


The onset of Covid-19 posed significant challenges for businesses across all sectors in the delivery of skills and development training. For autoVHC, the global pandemic resulted in a pause in installations since autoVHC trainers were unable to travel to perform normal installations. For our partner dealerships, many were faced with the prospect of having to close completely during the lockdown, in addition to car manufacturing plants shutting down, which has had a huge impact on sales figures. Back in April new car sales in the UK plunged by 44%, and in the month-long period from 2nd March to the 3rd May, franchised dealers in the US lost 1.5 million new and used vehicle sales. These lost sales would have generated more than $41 billion in revenue and an estimated $2.6 billion in profits.


Faced with the challenges of travel restrictions and social distancing requirements, autoVHC developed our Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) programme, in cooperation with GP Strategies Corporation, a global leader in performance improvement.


VILT training uses a blend of distance learning and instructor led video training to provide all the training necessary for a dealer to start successfully using autoVHC. The programme is segmented into role specific modules, aimed at providing role-relevant training to dealer management, technicians, parts staff and service advisors, which allows them to maximise the benefits of autoVHC in their specific operational role.


Earlier this month, the first use of the training platform took place in Thailand. The training was designed to support Nissan dealers in Thailand by providing the training needed for them to use autoVHC’s platform.


This first session was a huge success. Our autoVHC trainers worked from home studios to deliver the training to the teams in the dealership. The training was a highly interactive process - participants in Thailand were able to share their screens with trainers as they walked through the required steps of the process.


After the success of the platform’s launch, it will now be used to support Nissan in the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. Not only has this new delivery method allowed Nissan to recover some of the time lost due to the pandemic, it will also allow autoVHC to continue to deliver high-quality training for our dealerships in the ‘new normal,’ whilst also reducing the costs associated with travel.